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Change isn't scary

Or at least, what's scary about change, in my experience, is the imagined repercussions of it. When we change, consciously or not, we will feel those ripples and shifts in the world around us. People respond differently to us, we have new perspectives which alter the way we view previously long held ideas.

Change pushes us to a new world experience, we have to adjust, to recalibrate. Often we deeply desire this. Seekers such as myself look for change, for ways to improve or show up differently. High levels of self awareness mean you (and I!) are acutely conscious of where change is necessary. Maybe you are highly sensitive, attuned to the energies around you, and so when change happens you can't help noticing the subtle, and not-so-subtle, ripple effect as it plays out across your life.

I have an oft repeated saying for my clients: "Changing is simple, but not easy." Time and again I see this to be true. I also know it for myself. All that's required to actually change is the desire to do so. After that comes the hard work. The crucial moments of change tend be those ripple effects - the moments when you may have shifted your behaviour, or a long held belief or pattern. Stuff seems to alter and flex differently around you. This is the bit you weren't as prepared for. You didn't expect your partner to react in new ways to your new self, you didn't ask for that, it just happened. These are the moments requiring tenacity and courage. Old habits genuinely do die hard. The brain is wired to its familiar neural pathways, we are designed to seek the path of least resistance. This is why it can feel so hard to change, because it is!

Real, true, sustainable change takes work. It takes bravery, vulnerability and a willingness to go deep and go hard. Whilst not easy, the rewards are magnificent. Freedom, space, authenticity, true personal development and, the golden nugget: Succeed in changing something, big or small, and you will truly witness how life and the world alters around you in response. Sometimes unexpectedly, but generally gloriously, magically.

If you are prepared to expect some discomfort, some hard work and some unexpected results, undertaking that journey of fundamental change is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

What's more scary - the thought of changing, or the realisation that if you don't, everything will stay exactly the same?

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