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"Most people guard against the fire, and so end up in it"

At heart, I am unafraid of fires, both my own and those in others, and that is what drives me.


I am passionate about human development, not just minds but our very deepest souls, and I continue to explore this both personally and as a practitioner. What I do continually expands and evolves as I do. This is fundamental to my coaching practice; I AM the work, and I live and breathe my own ongoing transformation to better serve others.

My personal journey took me from always feeling like the outsider, an outcast, to embracing this as my superpower. I learned to stop rejecting the parts of myself that didn't "fit in", to loving my unconventional nature and viewing it as key to my strengths in helping others. My experiences of learning to wildly love the whole of who I am, even the gritty, dark, shadowy and most challenging aspects of my true nature led me to understand what it really takes to develop.


Whilst this spans too much life to cover here, the essence of me is this:

I am filled with my own fire that took years to cultivate, and continues to. I burn most brightly with others who are deep, conscious and desire to grow. I’m brave and unphased by the darkest depths of the human experience, there are few places I fear to tread.


I love uncovering what lies beneath - shadows, spirit, Self. This fuels deep understanding and acceptance, and from this place we can truly transform. 


I can speak from years of experience in struggling to access my own power and show up as the being I am now. I have walked this path, and now help others to.


What is most true is that “who we are is how we coach”. I live my values of an adventurous spirit, a lover of freedom and personal autonomy, and true authenticity in all that I do. I access all of Me, to allow you to expand into the whole of You.

Working with me

My deep belief is that in choosing a coach you are really choosing the person - their human and life experiences, their openness, their own willingness to learn and to be imperfect. Someone highly self aware who is able to bring true integrity and authenticity to their work. Coaching is a collaboration between us enabling you to fulfil your truest Self. This is impossible without the kind of trusting partnership where you also perceive your coach to be as human as you are.

You can expect to be welcomed into a safe and expansive space where you can be deeply vulnerable, developing laser self awareness and acceptance. This is the key to coaching and to developing, truly understanding, accepting and then freeing all that you are.


We work together in a way that suits what you're hoping to achieve. This means committing myself to your growth and evolution, allowing space and time for you to learn, process and develop at a pace that I know is sustainable and truly enables change. Our coaching may look like insightful questions, curiosities and challenges for you to delve into. It can be comfortable silence that allows you to go deep. I can bring energy work and visionary intuition, if required.


I am extremely open and comfortable with whatever you want to explore, and I encourage this. Nothing you bring or are is too much. 

I am curious, highly open minded and intuitive. There are no closed doors and not much that phases me. I also value not taking myself too seriously, the joy of being lost in wonder or play and a wry sense of humour! 

I am filled with excitement about my work with people as a coach. This is how I found myself and my own inner fire, and how I believe I can help you find yours.

Qualifications Experiences/Other Stuff!

Courses & Qualifications

  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching - Animas (accredited with both the ICF (International Coaching Federation - the global leader in coaching and the Association for Coaching, the UK’s largest professional body)

  • The Coaching Way - Tara Mohr - author of Playing Big (energy and empowerment coaching course)

  • The Daring Way - Brene Brown (exploring vulnerability, shame and how to really show up)

  • Leadership Development Framework practitioner - Harthill

  • Certificate in Executive Coaching - The Coaching Academy

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Introduction to Counselling Skills - Wealden College


Experiences and Other

  • Change management and leadership development consultant

  • Former Head of Organisational Development and programme manager

  • Previous volunteer mentor for aspirational young talent

  • Business change practitioner

  • Passion for adventure, new experience and cultures

  • LGBTQ+ and all life experiences and identities welcome

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