About Me

Coaching is not something I do, it is who I am

Having undertaken a long (and ongoing!) journey of personal development, I fully understand what it’s like to desire change, empowerment and a more aligned life. Of course, I didn’t start off well equipped. I was too stubborn to seek support - I believed vulnerability and asking for help was a weakness. After all, I am a strong determined woman, I could do this, I got this!


Except I didn’t, and it took me longer than it should to open up to asking for help both professionally (through counselling, mentoring and coaching) and personally, building a network of equally open and trusted friends and colleagues who were willing to support me as well as do their own work, acting as loving mirrors and places of safety for me to expand.


Alongside this, I had an innate sense that my purpose lay in helping others to change. My personal and professional lives began to merge. As I developed my career and expertise in people, organisational and systems change, I realised that the inner work was complementary, and necessary. 


I wanted to find my fire, to truly accept and understand myself, and spread my own wings and soar.


My fascination with our inner workings as people grew, fuelling my interests in psychology, human development and behaviour change. As I worked on myself, I understood and deeply felt the possibilities that this created, witnessing my own soul and being become more fully alive. It took time to develop self-trust, compassion and really claim my power and potential. It’s still stuff I work on as it’s so fundamental. 


Having undertaken initial training in counselling, NLP and later leadership coaching, it was coaching which set me alight and really sang to me. I saw and experienced the power of moving from a place of feeling lost or stuck towards the goals and life you desired. Inevitably, starting to learn how to “do” coaching meant I was really learning how to “be” as a human.

Coaching with me

My deep belief is that in choosing a coach you are really choosing the person - their human and life experiences, their openness, their own willingness to learn and to be imperfect. Someone highly self aware who is able to bring true integrity and authenticity to their work. I also now believe vulnerability is a superpower, not a weakness. Coaching absolutely requires you to be vulnerable. This is impossible without the kind of trusting partnership where you also perceive your coach to be as human as you are.


My true aim is to be a bold explorer, unafraid of my own depths or those of others. Through coaching, we get to uncover what may have been hidden away and to acknowledge and release anything that has held us back. I still have coaching as well as professional supervision, both reflect my passion for my own development, and enable me to truly bring all of who I am to my coaching. 


I have played in many areas (see Qualifications/Experience below), meaning I am extremely open and comfortable with whatever you want to explore, and I encourage this. We will have space for you to be deeply vulnerable, develop laser self awareness, understand and claim your energies and your ‘bigness’. Nothing you bring or are is too much. 

I am curious, highly open minded and intuitive. There are no closed doors and not much that phases me. I also value not taking myself too seriously, the joy of being lost in wonder or play and a wry sense of humour! 


If you are inclined, I can work with your spiritual, magical and most powerful self. If this is not you, you are equally valued and whatever you are, believe and bring is perfect, and enough.


I am filled with excitement about my work with people as a coach. This is how I found myself and my own inner fire, and how I believe I can help you find yours.


Ready to start the journey of a lifetime?!

Qualifications Experiences/Other Stuff!

Courses & Qualifications

  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching - Animas (accredited with both the ICF (International Coaching Federation - the global leader in coaching and the Association for Coaching, the UK’s largest professional body)

  • The Coaching Way - Tara Mohr - author of Playing Big (energy and empowerment coaching course)

  • The Daring Way - Brene Brown (exploring vulnerability, shame and how to really show up)

  • Leadership Development Framework practitioner - Harthill

  • Certificate in Executive Coaching - The Coaching Academy

  • NLP Master Practitioner

  • Introduction to Counselling Skills - Wealden College


Experiences and Other

  • Change management and leadership development consultant

  • Former Head of Organisational Development and programme manager

  • Previous volunteer mentor for aspirational young talent

  • Business change practitioner

  • Upcoming Flame + Expression certification - Tabwoo Institute (shadow and spiritual tools and techniques that explore the intricate dimensions of a client’s unique identity and expression, to support them with going beyond surface level changes to ultimately uncover the core of who they)

  • Passion for adventure, new experience and cultures

  • LGBTQ+ and all life experiences and identities welcome