My passion is lighting fires.

I am a Transformational Coach whose mission is genuine change and discovery.


If you feel lost, frustrated, stuck or unclear, coaching can ignite the spark inside you. This is what inspires and drives you, your motivations, values and beliefs. This is your inner fire which can burn as brightly as you allow, if only you didn’t hold yourself back.


Coaching is really a journey of moving from feeling lost to the joy of discovering your true self, unlocking the wisdom and potential that already exists within you.


Coaching is a collaborative partnership where we will explore the depths of who you are and what you bring. This process of ‘unpacking’ yourself is a deep but often joyful journey of self discovery. I provide a safe and very open space for this exploration. I work in a deep and expansive way, and am not afraid of darkness, shadows or big emotions. I am highly attuned and empathetic, but I am also playful and can share light and laughter too. I have an often irreverent sense of humour, and clients value this as much as they value the trust and sensitivity I offer.


I believe true bravery is the courage to step forward and to ask for support on your journey. I recognise that for potential clients this can feel scary and vulnerable, as well as exciting. It is a privilege to be asked to walk with you, and I honour that by honouring anything you bring to our sessions as well as you as a whole person.


We can explore:

  • Personal goals

  • Professional goals

  • In depth understanding of who you are

  • Setting yourself free

  • Uncovering what is stopping you

  • Moving from lost to found, even if you aren’t sure what that may look like

  • Clarity

  • Insights and inspiration

  • Aligning yourself with your passions

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