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My passion is lighting fires

I am a Transformational Coach whose passion is lighting fires, specifically - yours!


We all have an inner fire. It’s what sets us alight. When we are in tune with our full selves, we can move through the world differently. When you feel capable, in tune, unstoppable, then you’re on fire!


If you feel aware that there is ‘something’, that you could be ‘more of’ what you sense is inside, that you are ‘bigger’ than perhaps you allow yourself to be, then welcome - for those of us who really want to expand into more soulful and meaningful living, to proudly be our fullest and brightest selves, maybe igniting that spark can begin here.


Igniting your fire is a process. I see it as one of discovery and uncovering, healing and reclaiming, alignment and integration. It’s a journey of profound personal development.


The way I work is deep and expansive. I am not afraid of darkness, shadows or big emotions. I am highly attuned and empathetic, but I am also playful and can share light and laughter too. I am guided by heart and intuition, with a solid background as a qualified coach and change agent. 


I encourage you to be guided by your own instincts and curiosity. If you wonder whether us undertaking a journey together of uncovering and empowering all of who you are is right for you, please have a poke around and get a sense of who I am and how we might work together.


I’m always open to chats and questions. I believe everyone has the potential to open into their highest self, and I’m passionate about this. I operate from integrity and a place of love, and will happily suggest other avenues if it's right for you.


If you’re ready, or just burning with desire to know more, let’s talk!


07739 835357

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