About Me


My professional background lies in helping people and complex systems to understand and make significant changes. 

My roles and past experience include:

  • Head of Organisational Development

  • Change Programme Manager

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching and mentoring

  • Training and facilitation

My lessons both from people and whole systems change has been a great appreciation for the uncertainty and complexity involved. This fuelled my interests in psychology and personal development, and eventually led me to qualifying as a Transformational Coach so I could follow my heart, and work with people through the most complex change of all - themselves.


In 2020 I qualified with the Animas Centre for Coaching, the leading International Coaching Federation certified and Association for Coaching accredited school for transformational coaching. 


I love acting as a guide on someone’s journey back home to themselves. I know this journey well, and I continue to undertake it.


I know it can be overwhelming to feel lost. I know what it’s like to be always searching. I know the frustration of feeling like there’s something missing. I understand darkness and despair, and also how these things can be real driving forces to seekers of change and fulfilment. 


I continue to work hard on my own vulnerability, my authenticity and sense of integrity. I bring my whole self to my coaching. I am curious, highly open minded and intuitive. There are no closed doors and not much that phases me. I also value not taking myself too seriously, the joy of being lost in wonder or play and a wry sense of humour! 


I am filled with excitement about my work with people as a coach. This is how I found myself and my own inner fire, and how I believe I can help you find yours.